Meet Holly!

Headshot of Holly

Holly loves helping English learners make real progress in using and speaking English. She also enjoys singing, reading, and playing with her big furry dog. Woof!

You can do this!


You want better English, so you can have more money for your family, have more friends, and less stress. To be successful in English, you need some very important things:


  • to know your learning style,
  • good motivation,
  • a good learning plan,
  • good grammar,
  • good vocabulary,
  • good pronunciation,
  • good knowledge of your situation,
  • and a strong heart.


I am here to help. I know you can reach your English dreams. You just need a guide. If you can bring the strong heart, I will be happy to be that guide for you.

Let me help you discover that English success is possible for you!