Do you want to have really good English?


You want good  English, so you can have more money for your family, have more friends, and less stress. I am here to help. I know you can reach your English dreams. You just need a guide. I will be happy to be that guide for you.

Meet Holly!

Headshot of Holly

I love helping English learners make real progress in using English. I also enjoy singing, reading, and playing with my cute little guinea pigs, Fiona and Bridgette. But they only allow this if I feed them vegitables.

Will I see you in class?



You are in a conversation with your English-speaking friends. You are speaking a lot, and you can understand what they are saying. You are not afraid to talk about your ideas, because your friends understand you.


Also Imagine!


You are in a public place, like a supermarket. there is noone to translate for you. But you are not afraid, because you are confident, and your English skills are strong.


This is Possible!


You need a plan, and you need a guide. You need a teacher friend who can help you make these stories true. I am your teacher friend who will guide you to really good English.


Are you ready?

Don’t wait!

What do students say about working with me?

Liu from China


Grammar improves

Bogdan from Russia


cool experience and new skills

Nadusha from Moldova


Learning language cannot be fast, but possible if you work hard.

eldos from Kazakhstan


I got confidence. Now I don’t afraid to speak English.